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Welcome.  Canyon Applied Technologies is a Small Business engineering firm based in New England that provides project and systems engineering support services to our government and commercial clients.  Our main goal is to provide our clients with valuable analysis, insight and solutions for their challenging end-to-end communication systems projects.  Canyon combines its industry experience, in-the-field observations and systems engineering process to deliver real world solutions that builds client value.

Canyon focuses on the application of the technology that solves a challenge while ensuring its capabilities and operations are where they need to be.  Canyon believes that by identifying all the components for a desired target, then a viable way forward is more easily created and implemented.  We enjoy working closely with our clients, as a partner, with the goal of strengthening the team's efforts.  Objectives are clarified, knowledge is shared, options created and lessons learned so that effective solutions are selected, integrated and delivered.  All of this is performed in a way that reduces risk and staying within the clients' resources, budget and timeframes.